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Why LB

Put your brand
decisions through
an external review.

Each company and each brand have their own needs and challenges. In a close, trust-based collaboration we guide and support you by offering customized solutions – so that you can unlock and realize the full potential of your brand. 

Legal protection

Protect your brand from unauthorized “copycats” and harmful imitations. As a specialized law firm, LB ensures that counterfeit products are taken out of circulation and destroyed as quickly as possible. This way, you are the one benefiting from the value appreciation of your brand.

Long-term brand strategy

Adapt your brand to today’s realities without losing sight of your brand identity and long-term brand strategy. Use LB as an external partner to put strategic brand decisions through an impartial assessment.

Coherent project implementation

Your brand’s values and goals are the main priority in each project. LB helps you implement your brand projects coherently and will do so directly on site if requested.

Communication consistent with your brand

Convey your brand’s identity and values in all kinds of company communication. Consult LB as a competent partner to ensure that your investments in communication produce the desired effect.

Brand equity increase

LB supports your investments in your brand. Purposefully refine your brand’s profile and increase your brand’s value – and with it, your company’s value – over time.

Successful market development

Expanding into new business markets can, of course, make sense for a brand. LB draws on an international network of partners, with a special focus on South America, and can help your brand break into foreign markets as well.

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