About Guido Laredo

About Guido LAREDO

I understand brands.

I have been working with brands for over twenty years. To me, brands are not just an intangible legal asset worth protecting but also separate “personalities” with a particular origin, history, and ideally, a distinctive profile.

Education and training

My services are based on sound expertise gained over many years. Drawing on a solid foundational legal education at the undergraduate level (University of Basel) and graduate research focused on trademark law (doctorate in protection of well-known brands), I am able to advise brand owners on matters of trademark law effectively and with precision.

Additional advanced studies in brand management (Certificate of Advanced Studies, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts) and luxury brand management (Executive Master in Luxury Brand Management, ESSEC Business School, Paris and SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan) have helped me ensure that I am up to date on the latest trends and brand management techniques so that I can give you a reasonable assessment and implement as needed. Driven by the expertise and experience of its founder and owner, LB stands out on the market because it provides adequate trademark protection and relevant brand management under one roof, and this allows for the ideal alignment of the two.

Professional experience

I began my professional career about 20 years ago in the Trademark Division of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property in Bern. My insight into the internal workings of the trademark office allows me to provide you competent advice on trademark registration and opposition.

My professional path later led me to work as a consultant and legal forensics expert focused on intellectual property and antitrust law. More specifically, my professional experience encompasses the following:

  • consulting and representing a luxury product brand in brand piracy cases;
  • consulting and representing companies in court litigation and out-of-court disputes, including arbitration;
  • consulting Swiss companies on contracts, including complex dispute settlement agreements;
  • consulting and representing a Swiss sports marketing company in court and out-of-court disputes, alternative dispute resolution procedures, contracts and contract negotiations;
  • consulting a Swiss sports marketing company on developing, commercializing and running sports and cultural events• consulting a Swiss sports marketing company on developing, commercializing and running sports and cultural events;
  • consulting and providing forensic expertise on intellectual property law, for example, editing know-how, cooperation or license agreements, or legal enforcement of trademark or domain name rights;
  • editing, reviewing, and negotiating complex contracts such as agency, sponsorship, supplier, marketing, or cooperation agreements;
  • consulting companies on matters of competition law;
  • providing extensive legal support in an M&A transaction (legal due diligence for a company sale by auction).