Luxury Brands

Luxury Brands

Luxury strategies are transferable.
Let the inspiration in.

Both the legal protection and the management of luxury brands follow their own principles.

Legal protection

Luxury brands are often “well-known brands[1]” that enjoy an increased level of legal protection compared to regular brands. But unfortunately, the special power and general regard enjoyed by well-known luxury brands also leads to them often being the subject of counterfeiting or copying. Legal defense against brand piracy as well as other forms of piggybacking is indispensable to protect your brand’s reputation from damage. It is the only way to safeguard your brand’s distinctive character, so that you will be the one to enjoy the fruits of the investments into your brand. LB is a law firm specialized in brand protection, and we put our expertise at the service of your brand effectively and with purpose.

Brand management

The management of a luxury brand also follows special principles that are often diametrically opposite to conventional marketing rules. Although consumers are the focus in the luxury segment too – they are well-known and, of course, highly valued – luxury brands never address consumers’ wishes directly. Rather, the brand leads the consumers, impresses them with its values and characteristics, evoking in the consumers the specific wishes that the brand can satisfy like no one else. The luxury industry is currently undergoing a transition. It is facing various new challenges in areas such as digitalization, internet and social media communication, as well as sustainability. LB knows the challenges and pitfalls that this transition brings with it and can advise on implementation in consistence with your brand. LB sees itself as an external go-to partner who can put your company’s current strategic decisions through a neutral evaluation.

The luxury industry assumes the trailblazer role in many respects. Other industry branches can benefit from it as well. Those who understand the “luxury method” rules can adopt them to their company. LB supports you in the evaluation and implementation of luxury strategies in the B2B or services sector.

[1] For more on the special protection of well-known brands see Publications.

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