Brand Management

Brand Management

Ensure your business success with strategic brand management.

Strategic brand management

As a brand owner, sooner or later you will be confronted with strategic questions. Should you expand the products or services sold under the brand (brand transfer) – to new, promising, but still “similar” products or services (product line expansion)? Or should you instead consider expanding the portfolio sold under the trademark to completely different products or services (develop a new product category)? Could such an expansion have a negative impact on your carefully crafted brand image? Or are you planning to diversify your brand or add new geographical markets, and doing a brand transfer in this way?

And on the other hand, are the chosen sales channels appropriate for addressing the brand audience directly and in consistence with the brand? What about digitalization of a brand? How should it take place or progress and to what end? What direction is the brand’s market developing in? Is an aging customer base a risk to my business? Should I run long-term brand awareness campaigns to guarantee a strong customer base for my brand in the future?

How LaredoBranding helps you with brand management

LB supports and assists you with the strategic management of your brand, relying both on a wealth of experience and an international professional network. Moreover, LB is able to assess your situation neutrally and offer you a knowledgeable, external point of view.

Market development

Expanding into new geographical markets can, of course, make sense for a brand. But such an expansion is always associated with risks and investments. So it is important to lay the crucial groundwork and do the necessary analyses in advance.

LaredoBranding implements your expansion plans with purpose

LaredoBranding can help your brand break into a new market, and especially the South American market.

LaredoBranding can fall back on a broad network of highly competent partners with professional expertise in various areas (including language and culture) to make sure that your brand expansion is successful.

LaredoBranding ensures that the specific characteristics of the foreign market are sufficiently taken into consideration without compromising your brand’s values and messaging.

If needed, LaredoBranding provides its services for a particular market on site to implement your expansion plans efficiently and in consistence with your brand.